Cosmetic Packaging Design


A Cosmetic packaging design that makes you look good.

Equator Print offer 3 levels of Cosmetic packaging design:

Bronze: 1 x Package Concept Design with 3 x Revisions (advised for simple brands, subcategory brands and identifiers) high resolution artwork supplied under licence.

Silver: 3 X Package Concepts with 3 x revisions (advised for new brands, high resolution artwork supplied under licence.

Gold: 6 X Package Concepts with unlimited revisions (advised for new brands, full high resolution artwork supplied with licence release. Includes full  brand guide for brand usage and consistency.

Request a professional food packaging design, provide a brief description of your requirements and upload your existing artwork, images and existing corporate logos. The Equator Print Studio will liaise with you to create your freelance food package design.


A Cosmetic packaging design that makes you look good.

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Packaging may be used for any combination of identification, information, warning, instructions for use, environmental advice or advertising. Packaging may permanent or temporary and has all kinds of commercial uses. Permanent product identification is commonplace; packages need to remain secure throughout the life of the product. For example, a registration plate on an automobile must be resistant to heat, oils and tampering; similarly, a food package must endure until the food has been consumed. Temporary product packages need to withstand transportation and be durable to withstand a diverse range of conditions. For example, a package for a new refrigerator or withstand impact and transportation and importantly the design should display legislative markings to the outer package such as the weight or toxicity of any gases inside.

Packaging design typically includes critical information pertinent to the contents or ingredients used in a product, and may also call out to certain allergy risks such as the presence of gluten or soy. The FDA also provides standards to regulate the information provided on the labels and packaging of wine and spirits. These labels include information like brand name, class and type designation, and alcohol content.

Upload your existing logos and complete the supporting text field to provide any supporting information, colour themes, style or content which would like to appear on your label design. The Equator Print studio will design your freelance food label design and liaise with you regarding your approval.