3D Modelling & CGI Video

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3D product modelling can be a great tool to help manufacturers conceptualise, create and finally market and sell their products.

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3D models are used to prototype and evaluate a design concept, and manufacturing specifications. A 3D model can be created from an initial idea, hand drawing or a 2D sketch.


The data stored in 3D models can be transmitted directly to automatic machinery allowing efficient production with pinpoint accuracy.

Marketing & Promotion

3D models may be inserted into any commercial advertising presentation or promotion of the product. Modelling expresses detailed and expanded views and may also be used for instructions.


A 360-degree view of the product model allows viewing of the product from all angles, seeing the smallest details and better preparing for production and packaging.

CGI & Visualisation

Video animations of a product can showcase exactly what the product can do and what the customers will get once the product is ready for use. They may also be used to showcase safety and installation guides.